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Harley Davidson Iron 883 Sportster rider’s view

harley davidson iron 883 sportster rider point of view
All black with a few touches of chrome, one gauge, one seat, stripped down and custom styling. The boldness and simplicity that’s Harley Davidson.

Vintage Ford Yellow And Black Cab

vintage ford yellow and black cab
Something tells me this vintage Ford yellow cab has it on Uber when it comes to style and price! At 5 cents per mile – check out the price on the door – it will surely be hard to beat.

View Across Half Frozen Snow Covered Lake in Baysville

half frozen lake and snow at the baysville cottage
A look across the half frozen lake from the neighbor’s snow covered dock. Mild winter has kept the lake from completely freezing, and not a lot of snow. The tobogganing was awesome! – particularly under moonlight, however no ice skating this year.