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A Day At The Office

caribo island beach belize
Nothing was staged for this photo. This was the first of a 6 day sea kayak expedition, starting from Caribo Island, Belize. Having finished a light lunch, I walked through palm trees toward the water and happened upon this setting. And at that moment I thought to myself “yes, this beats a day at the office”.   🙂

Jaguar Being Fed A Chicken’s Foot At Caribbean Wildlife Centre Belize

jaguar eating a chicken's foot
How about this for excitement… Watching a jaguar eat a chicken’s foot from a human’s hand in the middle of the night! Belize’s Caribbean Wildlife Centre rehabilitates injured wild animals, and are known for their jaguar community.

Crocodile Rocks! The steadfast eyes of a Belize crocodile staring at you

crocodile belize tropical education centre
Ok… the situation is not as intense as it would appear. We are at the Belize Tropical Education Centre for an overnight stay. They care for a number of wild crocodiles in the marsh on-site, and have built a narrow boardwalk as an outlook. Here we watched one evening at sunset – hence the light on the crocs right eye – as a male and female spent time together (not sure what to call this in crocodile language!). Took this shot laying on my stomach, roughly 5 feet above the water and 10 feet away.