Thanks for wanting to know more… I believe in ownership, drive, and mutual support.  I like people who are humble, hungry, and smart.  Teams perform better than individual super stars.  You have the capability to do the impossible.  Photographs tell a story.  People love stories.

I’m a commercial leader and board member, and have worked for some of the most respected companies in Canada, USA, and globally.  I’m passionate about how people buy, building strong teams, and good return on investment.

This photoblog is intended to inspire; a place to share the great photos taken as my family experiences life locally and around our wonderful world.

The greater Toronto area is where we call ‘home’.

Have a great day!


Copyright – all photos on this blog have been taken by Jeff Haltrecht and are owned under copyright.  You are free to share via social media, however you may not use any photos for commercial benefit without prior written consent and/or compensation.  Thank you.

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