Boogie ’till the sun goes down: Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica boogie boarding at sunset

tamarindo beach costa rica boogie board
Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, is so far my favorite place to watch a sunset (Even better than world famous Oia, Santorini). After a day of learning to surf, we hung out watching the sun set and this guy use his boogie board.  Took this picture with a little Nikon handheld with 5 megapixels… goes to show being in the right place at right time is sometimes more important than the best gear 😉

Crocodile Rocks! The steadfast eyes of a Belize crocodile staring at you

crocodile belize tropical education centre
Ok… the situation is not as intense as it would appear. We are at the Belize Tropical Education Centre for an overnight stay. They care for a number of wild crocodiles in the marsh on-site, and have built a narrow boardwalk as an outlook. Here we watched one evening at sunset – hence the light on the crocs right eye – as a male and female spent time together (not sure what to call this in crocodile language!). Took this shot laying on my stomach, roughly 5 feet above the water and 10 feet away.

Ian Miller In Action: Ten-time Olympian jumping Dixson at Pan Am Games

ian miller dixson horse jumping pan am games
This is Ian Miller, ten time Olympian and two time Wold Cup Show Jumping champion, riding Dixson at the recent Pan Am Games finals in Toronto.

Wild Sea Turtle In The Bahamas

wild sea turtle in bahamas
Within minutes of anchoring our Fountain Pajot catamaran in the Sea of Abacos, Bahamas, this sea turtle pops up to entertain us. It was extremely healthy as seen by its colors and clarity of the eyes. To see a wild one within 3 feet of you is a definite highlight.

Selfie Mayhem With The Mona Lisa

selfie mayhem with the mona lisa
The scene unfolding in front of the Mona Lisa at The Louvre in Paris… complete mayhem with people attempting to take a selfie with the famous picture. This capture is more entertaining than a photo of ‘her’!  Couple other observations… the Mona Lisa is really small vs. what you would expect, and people would rather have a photo to say they were ‘there’ vs. actually taking in the art.

Majestic old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, as seen through a gun turret

dubrovnik city gun turret
Dubrovnik is a very beautiful city with such rich character. Here we see the old city through a gun turret on the perimeter wall. I gather it was in use during the war 20 years ago, as evidence by the few areas of destruction that remain.

The Poking My Eye Out Heron

The poking my eye out heron
“Come see this dad”, yell the kids, “and bring your camera!”. With the swim platform a few hundred feet off-land, I’m now looking at this majestic Heron standing on it… poking at its eye. Is he – or she – really doing that? Yup, he/she is!

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