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442 Foot Tall & Powerful Akaka Falls, Big Island Hawaii

442 foot tall and powerful akaka falls big island hawaii
Akaka Falls, at 442 feet, is the tallest on the Big Island of Hawaii and very impressive – powerful even – when up close. We were told of the ʻoʻopu ʻalamoʻo, an endemic Hawaiian species of goby fish, that spawns in stream above the waterfall, but matures in the sea. Checking with Wikipedia, it says these fish have a suction disk on their bellies that allows them to cling to the wet rocks behind and adjacent to the waterfall. Using this disk, they climb back up to the stream when it is time to spawn. Now that’s impressive!

Time for fall colors: Mini waterfall with fall leaves scattered about

colorful fall leaves by mini waterfall
One of the benefits of life in Canada are the 4 seasons, and in particular experiencing the fall colors. This mini waterfall – 2 feet high! – is located next to the big High Falls on the north branch of the Muskoka River. Its a perfect example of nature’s colorful richness and solitude.

People cooling off in Albion Falls on a hot summer day

waterfalls albion falls
What better way than to spend a hot summer day literally in the waterfall. Taken a few weeks ago from the upper look-out down into the falls.  Hamilton, Ontario.