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Haunted Jack-o’-lanterns From Halloween

halloween pumpkins illumi light show


Haunted Halloween Harvest Moon

haunted halloween harvest moon
Just in time for Halloween, I share the Haunted Halloween Harvest Moon for your spooky pleasure! Sure feels like ghosts and goblins are flying through the night. What we really have here is the Thanksgiving full moon passing behind leaves dangling from a tree around 11pm at night. Boo!!!


Wicked Witch Of The West Paying Us A Visit On Halloween

halloween wicked witch of the west
Art can take numerous forms, and while not the most elegant picture, the Wicked Witch Of The West sure captures the essence of Halloween. We figure around 200 children came by on Saturday.  We saw Thing 1 and Thing 2, storm troopers, Minion Bob, Indiana Jones, Jose Baptista, and Dracula to name a few.  Boo!